Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle Chris

Abigail's Uncle Chris turns mhmhm years old today!!

Happy Birthday! We love you!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fouth of July Fun

What a day we had yesterday!!! Abigail and I spent the morning playing at home, complete with a head butt and bloody nose for mommy! OUCH!! After an afternoon of playing we went to Mimi & Pop Pop's house to have dinner and watch fireworks. Uncle Chris, Aunt Nelly, Uncle Dave, Joanie Bologna, Baby Ethan, Christian, Stephanie and Abigail's best friend Ellie came. Abigail and Ellie are two weeks apart and LOVE playing together. Last night was no exception. They had a blast on Matthew's parents neighbor's trampoline. It was so exciting to see Abigail become a little daredevil. She never wants to do anything slightly scary, so for her to even agree to get on the trampoline was an accomplishment. By the time we got the girls off of it, she was jumping high and even doing somersaults on it.

Even Ethan got in on the "jumping" action!

After the jumping was over, it was finally dark enough to head to the end of the street in their neighborhood where a bunch of people had gone in to put a great show on. The fireworks were beautiful and the kids had a great time. It took Abigail a few minutes to get used to the noise, as you can tell...

The kids had a blast...even Ethan, well, for the most part. He did sleep through most of the fireworks.

And, to end this, just a few pictures...

The kids are ready for some firework action...

Abigail & Uncle Chris checking out the fireworks..