Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Aquarium Through Abigail's Eyes

This post is mostly just pictures....we went to the Georgia Aquarium on Sunday. Abigail had so much fun!!! Most of these pictures were taken by her. I have to say, she's not too shabby with the camera.

Beach Baby

The weekend of October 16th we went to Port St. Joe, Florida. My brother was on vacation down there and invited Matthew, Abigail & I to spend the weekend with him at the beach house. We were SO excited. We went shopping for all sorts of beach stuff: goggles, noodles, a bucket and shovel...the works. I worked a half day on Friday and we drove down after Abigail got out of school and I was finished with work. By 1:00 we were on the road. We got down there at about 8:30. Abigail was so excited to see Uncle D and his friend Melissa.

On Saturday morning we woke up with a mission....the beach! Unfortunately, when we stepped outside it was about 60 degrees. My hard-headed child insisted that we still go, so we loaded in the car and headed to the beach. When we got there, it was even colder on the water. Abigail refused to get in the water. (It was actually warmer than the air was.) We ended up wrapping her in towels and putting a long sleeved shirt on her. We made the whole experience fun, even though we froze!
Abigail loved playing in the sand.

When we finally gave up on the beach, we went back to the beach house. We had fun playing cards. After a relaxing afternoon we went out for dinner and to watch some college football.

It was very sad that we couldn't get our Hurricanes on TV even in Florida!!!!!!

When Sunday morning rolled around we were very sad to be leaving. Abigail didn't want to leave her Uncle D!!!! We can't wait for Christmas time...hopefully he'll be able to make it down here to visit us.

Here's a few more pictures from our visit.

Pumpkin Patch

A couple weekends ago we took Abigail up to Dawsonville for our annual pumpkin patch visit. Normally, we go to Bert's Pumpkin Patch, but this year, as we were driving up there, we passed Uncle Shucks. We decided to try them out this year. I was so glad they did!! They had so much more to do than Bert's does. There was face painting, pony rides and a corn maze. They even had a little maze for the kids to go through. Abigail had a blast running around the maze.

She got an adorable scarecrow painted on her face.

And, last, but certainly not least, she went on a pony ride.

After the pony ride was over Abigail go a bit grumpy. She looked at us and said she was ready to leave. We couldn't figure out why she was moody. When we asked her what was wrong, she said, "I wasn't ready to get off that pony and that boy took me off." She's so funny.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Daddy's Little Hurricane

On Saturday nights, you can usually find Abigail and her daddy parked in front of the TV for the Hurricanes game. I think she's going to be a sports announcer. The girl knows her stuff! HAHA!!

She's so much fun. She loves to watch sports with her daddy. And he eats that up.

Having a yard is a HUGE responsibility....

But I think Abigail is up to the challenge.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle D!!

I thought I posted this yesterday, but apparently I didn't.

September 30 was Abigail's Uncle D's birthday.

We love you very much!!!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day of School

Abigail had her first day of preschool this past Wednesday. She was so extremely excited to be going. All she talked about for weeks before hand. We woke up on Wednesday morning, and the first words out of Abigail's mouth were, "Am I going to school today?" We were finally able to tell her yes. I went in to work late so I could take her on her first day. We got up, took a bath and got her dressed in her adorably cute dress that she picked out for her first day of school.

After breakfast, we were ready to go! We got her backpack on and we were out the door.

Mommy kept it together long enough to drop her off in her class room. She was so very excited to be there. She hung her bookbag up, sat down and started coloring.

The look on her face says, "Mom, stop taking my picture and get the heck out of here. I can handle this." Haha!!! She made my day when I started to walk away from her and out the door. She yelled MOM. When I turned around, she had her hands in the air and her lips puckered up for one more hug and kiss. Talk about making my day. I got all my tears out in the car on the way to work. This was so difficult for me because we've never left Abigail with someone who wasn't family.
Matthew and I were DYING all day wanting to know how school was. When she got home, Matt's mom had her call us both at work. She wasn't really into telling us much about her day. The part that stuck out in her mind was the birthday cake she had...apparently it was someone's birthday.

All I can say is, I hope she loves school this much forever!!!

Football Season is Upon Us

Labor day was kick off for the greatest college football team out there...The Miami Hurricanes. Abigail was so excited to watch the game with Daddy & PopPop. She was dressed in her Miami Best.

The red flag is a hurricane warning flag that she wore as a cape. Too cute!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bowling Gone Bad

Last Sunday we decided to do something fun. We asked Abigail what she wanted to do, and her answer was Rollerskating. She heard her cousins talking about skate night at their school, and that's what put the idea in her head. When she asked Daddy, his answer was,"No way. That's too dangerous for someone your size." So, on that statement alone, we decided to go bowling.

We got there, got our shoes on and started our game. It was the best game of bowling I've ever had....two strikes in the first 4 frames. Abigail was having the time of her life!!!!!! They had these ramp things were a child can place her ball and it rolls the ball down the alley after they push it. She was having a great game too.

Right before the fifth frame, things turn ugly. Little Miss Independence just HAD to carry her ball by herself. As she was walking to the ramp, the ball started to slip out of her hand. Instead of just letting the ball fall to the ground, she thought she needed to catch it. The weight of the ball pulled her hand down with it and then she and the ball crashed down on the floor. The result of this little spill was our first trip to the ER and this:

That darn ball broke 2 fingers in her right index finger. She was a trooper in the emergency room; especially considering how long they made us wait. We had to keep her awake, so we had a mini photo shoot in the room while we were waiting for the doctor. Here's some of the pics.

She is recovering very well. The doctor said it should be healed within 3 weeks. Abigail has been trying to move it a lot more in the past few days, which is a great sign!! It just stinks that she has to start preschool with such a big boo boo; especially since it's on her right hand and she does everything right handed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singing girl!

I accidentally delete this a few weeks ago....The Junebug singing "A Bicycle Built for Two."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun Weekend

A few weeks ago we took Abigail tubing up in Helen, Ga. Uncle Chris and Aunt Nelly went with us. As I've said, she ADORES her aunt and uncle and absolutely loved having them all to herself. The whole way there she kept telling us that she wanted to go tubing. Over and over again for the whole hour long drive. To keep her entertained I gave her my camera to snap some pictures. Upon looking at her snapshots I couldn't help but laugh. Here's my two favorite.........

We had so much fun tubing down the river!!! If you ask Abigail, her favorite part was when Daddy fell out of his tube.
It was a very relaxing hour...except for the rocks knocking me in the booty. Abigail got extremely tired half way down and I thought she was going to fall asleep. She was a trooper though!!!!! Here's a few of my favorite pictures.

After we went tubing, we played Mini Golf in Helen. Abigail had SO much fun. It was the first time she'd been. She caught on pretty quickly. Watch out Tiger Woods. She's so good, she'll be playing with the men!!

She was POOPED when we were finished. But we had a BLAST with Uncle Chris & Aunt Nelly.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally some time...

Well, we're moved. We've been in with my in-laws for a little under a month now. It's been a bit of an adjustment, but nothing we can't handle. It's great that Abigail is getting this opportunity to bond with her grandparents even more. They lived in South Florida for the first 3 years of her life, so getting to see them on a day to day basis is such a treat-for her and them!

Getting Abigail to understand this is our home now was, well STILL IS, difficult. She asked Matthew the other day why we had to leave her old home. His answer was: a new family had to move in so they could begin making all their memories there. She accepted this, but not with out one big question- "WHO ARE THEY?" My husband, always quick on his toes, answered, "John and Michelle Gunderson and their son Jason." Abigail was perfectly happy with this answer. We went to a book store at the end of the road we lived on this weekend and Abigail said to me, "Mom, let's go visit John and Michelle." Silly girl, remembers everything you say!

We have her room pretty much set up....though I hope to paint it soon. It looks ADORABLE!!! When we moved, we took her toddler bed down, as Mimi & Pop Pop had already set up a bed for her to stay at their house before we ever discussed moving in. She now has a double bed and she LOVES it.

At our new home, my in-laws moved their dining room to where the formal living room used to be and gave us our own living room. This is where we can watch movies on our own or, if you're Abigail and Daddy, play video games.