Friday, November 26, 2010

Vacation...Part 2...Disney World

(See Vacation...Part 1 here)

On Monday morning we woke up and had breakfast with Nana. After that, we hopped in the car and headed to the happiest place on Earth...Disney World!!!! It took about an hour to get from Nana Jane's to our hotel. We checked in and got settled in our room and then headed off to the Magic Kingdom.

The first ride we came to was the Teacups. That is one of my favorites of all time!! It was a little busier that Matthew and I had anticipated, so we had to wait in line. Miss Abigail was none too excited about this, as evidenced in this picture:

Once it was our turn, Abigail turned in to a happy camper again!!!!

We had the best time with her in Disney World. I don't think words can describe the fun enough, so I'll just end this with pictures of our trip! :)

She got her face painted:

Drove a car with her daddy:

Rode Dumbo with me:

Stood in lots of lines:

Rode a carousel with daddy:

She loved on her Daddy and hammed for the Camera:

She met Mommy's favorite Disney characters:

Posed for family pictures:

She met princesses:

She hammed for the camera a bit more:

Met Donald Duck (and many other characters):

And went to Epcot:

We had the best time with her and cannot WAIT to do it again!!!