Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vacation...Part 1

At the end of September, Matthew, Abigail and I went on our very first family vacation!! It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We left on Friday, the 17th and drove down to Florida. We spent 3 nights with Matthew's grandmother, Nana Jane. We'll call that Part 1 of our "Floridian Vacation."

We arrived on Friday evening at Nana Jane's house. Matthew's great aunt drove up from Tampa to spend the weekend with us, and was already there. Abigail ADORES Auntie and Nana Jane, so she COULD NOT WAIT to get there.

When we arrived, Aunt Lu & Uncle Bill came to Nana's house and we all went out for a steak dinner. It was delicious!!!!!! While we were trying to decide what we wanted, Abigail got a hold of my camera and took some pictures.

I'm sure Auntie would love this one.

On Saturday morning, we woke up and went to a tasty breakfast at Denny's and then had a golf cart tour of The Villages. Our tour guide, Abigail, was sure to provide us with pictures of the trip.

On Saturday evening, after a DELICIOUS dinner at Carrabba's, we went to play mini golf. Everytime Abigail visits Nana, they go mini golfing. It has become something that she looks forward to each time she visits her. Abigail may not have a future in golf, but I'm sure she'll be a killer hockey player based on how well she scoots the ball into the hole.

On Sunday morning we woke up early, had some Perkins for breakfast and then headed to Silver Springs. This is a state park (I think) that is surrounded by BEAUTIFUL springs. They have glass bottom boat rides, a carousel and lots of other fun stuff to do. There are lots of alligators and crocodiles. Abigail made us laugh so hard when she "taunted" the Gators with her Daddy's Hurricanes hat, because the Canes don't like Gators. It was the neatest place. Abigail had a blast riding in the boats.

Meet Beary Fluffy Baucom....Abigail's new baby.

Thank you so much, Nana Jane. We had a wonderful time with you and cannot WAIT to visit again.

Stay tuned for Vacation...Part 2...Disney World