Sunday, June 14, 2009

Abigail's Birthday Party weekend

Yesterday was Abigail's 3rd birthday party. She had a BLAST at Chuck E. Cheese. Most of her favorite people were there. Unfortunately, her cousin Kylie couldn't make it. Kylie had her tonsils taken out on Thursday and wasn't able to come. We all missed her.

Abigail was absolutely enamored with Chuck....though she refused to go near him without me or her daddy. To be honest, the giant, walking, talking rat creeps me out, so I can't imagine being a three year old. She had a Spongebob party. Complete with a custom made Spongebob cake. A woman I work with makes THE best cakes. She did Abigail's Curious George one last year, and this year she made the BOB one. It is SUPER cute. Here's a picture...if you want her number, let me know.....she's trying to start her own business....she's even done a couple wedding cakes.

After the party we went to Uncle Chris & Aunt Nelly's (Matthew's brother & his wife/my best friend) house and to their pool. My child LOVES to swim. Well....swim wouldn't exactly be the word to choose...more float around in her tube. We'll work on the swimming. She had so much fun. She has her aunt and uncle wrapped around her little finger....and I believe they love every second of it.
Today, we had a lazy day. Daddy had to work, so it was just me and the princess. She had tons of fun playing with her new toys. Matthew and I got her a cash register. Her cousins have one and she loves playing with it so we decided to get her one for home. She had a BALL with it today. She was playing with it and I was at the computer for a minute. I heard her talking and asked her to repeat what she said. Her answer was, "I wasn't talking to you, Mommy. I was talking to my customer." HAHAHAHA!!! Love that girl.

Tomorrow is her birthday. I cannot believe how quickly time has gone....

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