Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day of School

Abigail had her first day of preschool this past Wednesday. She was so extremely excited to be going. All she talked about for weeks before hand. We woke up on Wednesday morning, and the first words out of Abigail's mouth were, "Am I going to school today?" We were finally able to tell her yes. I went in to work late so I could take her on her first day. We got up, took a bath and got her dressed in her adorably cute dress that she picked out for her first day of school.

After breakfast, we were ready to go! We got her backpack on and we were out the door.

Mommy kept it together long enough to drop her off in her class room. She was so very excited to be there. She hung her bookbag up, sat down and started coloring.

The look on her face says, "Mom, stop taking my picture and get the heck out of here. I can handle this." Haha!!! She made my day when I started to walk away from her and out the door. She yelled MOM. When I turned around, she had her hands in the air and her lips puckered up for one more hug and kiss. Talk about making my day. I got all my tears out in the car on the way to work. This was so difficult for me because we've never left Abigail with someone who wasn't family.
Matthew and I were DYING all day wanting to know how school was. When she got home, Matt's mom had her call us both at work. She wasn't really into telling us much about her day. The part that stuck out in her mind was the birthday cake she had...apparently it was someone's birthday.

All I can say is, I hope she loves school this much forever!!!

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