Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Edamame

Hi there sweet baby!

I am so very excited about your impending arrival, even if I still have to wait another 25 weeks to meet you. Daddy, Abigail and I will patiently wait for you. Stay in there as long as needed for you to get here. Please don't come early like your big sister did.

When Daddy and I found out you were coming we were surprised, but happier than you can even imagine. We know you're the puzzle piece that has been missing from our sweet family without us even knowing it. We absolutely adore you already and haven't even gotten to see your sweet face yet.

You big sister is already the best big sister there's ever been. She is so excited about all the things she's going to get to teach you. You probably already know this, but she talks to you every night. She is actually the one that named you Edamame. She is so silly.

We have had some great times, you and I. I'm thankful the "pukies" have left us behind. Thanks for that. It makes mommy very happy to have an appetite again.

Thank you baby, for choosing me and Daddy. We already feel so lucky to be your parents.

I love you more than you know,

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