Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Years

Dear Nana,

It hardly seems right that it's been two years since we last saw you. Foolishly I thought this would get easier; that I wouldn't miss you as much. I mean, it's been two years. I shouldn't still cry every time I am struck with a memory of you, yet I do. Maybe it's because we had such an amazing relationship, or that I have so many amazing memories of the times we spent together. I just know that not a day goes by that I don't think of you and desperately wish I could pick up the phone and talk to you.

I want to say thank you. Mr. Samuel was one awesome gift you sent us. There's no doubt in my mind that you had everything to do with him being sent to us. He's a precious happy little man; you would adore him. I know you drop by to visit now and then. Samuel is always sure to let me know when you do. Now that he's talking more, he stares off, waves and says, "Nana" over and over. I always make sure to tell him to tell you I love you.

Miss Abigail still talks about you all the time. Randomly she'll tell me how much she misses you and the best thing I can say is, "Me too, baby." She tells Samuel about you a lot. I'm sure he feels like he knows everything about you. Someday she'll understand just how lucky she is to have spent as much time with you as she did.

We were all so lucky we got to have you in our lives. It hardly seems fair to Samuel and your future great-grandbabies that we got to meet you, and they don't. Their lives just won't be the same.

For now, I'll just tell you I love you and miss you more than I could ever imagine possible. Come visit me in my dreams sometime.

I love you,

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