Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally some time...

Well, we're moved. We've been in with my in-laws for a little under a month now. It's been a bit of an adjustment, but nothing we can't handle. It's great that Abigail is getting this opportunity to bond with her grandparents even more. They lived in South Florida for the first 3 years of her life, so getting to see them on a day to day basis is such a treat-for her and them!

Getting Abigail to understand this is our home now was, well STILL IS, difficult. She asked Matthew the other day why we had to leave her old home. His answer was: a new family had to move in so they could begin making all their memories there. She accepted this, but not with out one big question- "WHO ARE THEY?" My husband, always quick on his toes, answered, "John and Michelle Gunderson and their son Jason." Abigail was perfectly happy with this answer. We went to a book store at the end of the road we lived on this weekend and Abigail said to me, "Mom, let's go visit John and Michelle." Silly girl, remembers everything you say!

We have her room pretty much set up....though I hope to paint it soon. It looks ADORABLE!!! When we moved, we took her toddler bed down, as Mimi & Pop Pop had already set up a bed for her to stay at their house before we ever discussed moving in. She now has a double bed and she LOVES it.

At our new home, my in-laws moved their dining room to where the formal living room used to be and gave us our own living room. This is where we can watch movies on our own or, if you're Abigail and Daddy, play video games.

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