Monday, May 11, 2009

Ahhh, bedtime!

I love Abigail's bedtime. Not for the reasons some moms do. I love it because those final kisses of the day are the sweetest. Our nighttime routine goes a little something like this, there are MANY variations, mind you...after bath time, Matthew brushes her hair, then we all pile on the couch and cuddle. This usually includes reading a book, or twelve, depending on Abigail's mood that night. After cuddle time, Abigail and I hide from Daddy. Mind you, it is the EXACT same spot every night. Daddy is sweet enough to ALWAYS have trouble finding us and act suprised that we're in her pop up tent (the tent is in this picture) in her bedroom, covered up with her purple monkey blanket (not kidding, EVERY NIGHT!!!). Once hide-and-seek is over, it's three kisses for Mommy, three kisses for Daddy and three Abigail Sandwiches (pretty self explanatory-we squish her in the middle of us). Then, it's put her in bed, get her all covered up, only for her to tell us she has to go potty...again. Some nights we talk about starting bed time about an hour before her actual bedtime, so she might actually get situated in time. Last night after finally getting her tucked in, Matthew told her he thought she needed to tell me happy mother's day one more time. She, of course, did as she was told (my perfect angel) and told me, in her exact words, "happy halloweeny mother's day." Silly girl. I leaned down, gave her a final kiss and said, "Thank you for being my baby." Her response brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh. She said, "Well you're welcome, sweetie." Man, my kid rocks. I am so blessed.

Tonight, we got home and I started cooking dinner. She decided she wanted to help, so she ran into her bathroom to grab her stool so she could reach the counter. I didn't exactly want her under foot while I was working at the hot stove, so I put her on the task of washing dishes. Love what she did....she grabbed my scrubbing brush and a spatula and proceeded to scrub the bowl and pot in the sink. Of course, I had to make sure there was water and soap or she wasn't happy. Pretending is for her play kitchen apparently. I've never met a child so eager to help. I don't know what we did right, but we must've done something pretty spectacular to deserve her.

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