Sunday, May 17, 2009

Phew...what a weekend!!!!

We had a very busy weekend!!!!! On Friday, Matthew went golfing, so Abigail and I had dinner with Matt's dad. Abigail adores her Pop Pop, so the more time spent with him, the happier she is. He's currently out of work, so he watches her a few days a week (if any one knows ANYWHERE that is hiring, please let me know so I can pass the information along to him. He's been out of work since December and can't find ANY leads for a possible job. Even if you don't know of anywhere, please keep him in your prayers).

Saturday mornings are my favorite!! Especially since we switched Abigail in to her "big girl bed." She gets woken up by the sun in her window at about 7. When she was in her crib, she'd roll over and fall back to sleep. Now that she can get out of bed whenever she pleases, she comes in to our bed. It's amazing to have her cuddled into me. Truly, the best feeling in the world. Yesterday, she fell back to sleep until 10:00. So, not only did I get to cuddle with my princess, I got to sleep late. Wahoo!!!!

We went Strawberry picking yesterday afternoon. It would have been a whole lot more fun had it not rained before we went. It was fun to show Abigail how the fruit that she love so much grows. She enjoyed it...except for when she fell and got her little heiny dirty. We had to leave shortly after that...the child hates to be dirty. She would pick a strawberry, and look at me and say, "Mommy, I think we need to change my clothes. I'm dirty." Though we didn't get quite as many strawberries as I had planned on, she really enjoyed the strawberry shortcake that followed dinner. It was quite tasty if I do say so myself.

Today, we went to my niece, Madison's, ballet recital. I'm so proud of her!!! She looke so grown up. Abigail was extremely proud of her cousin, standing in her chair and clapping as hard as she could while she was dancing. It was adorable. I've never seen three cousins as close as Abigail is with her cousins. I love it and hope they stay like that forever!!!! It was so fun to watch them greet each other when it was over. Abigail ran up to Madison, gave her a big hug, and said, "you did a good, good job. I'm so proud of you." ADORABLE!!!!

The princess just fell out of her bed. Poor baby. She ran out to me crying on the computer and when she saw me coming to her, she ran back to her room to get tucked in. I got her all covered up and gave her a kiss. She said "I love you, Mommy." (THE BEST THING TO HEAR EVER!!) I answered I love you to the moon and back, to which she answered, "two times." Man, I'm lucky!!!

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